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Integrated Rotary Screw Compressor





Our newly designed tank mounted rotary screw compressor with a rotary-screw air end, adopts a large air receiver tank which is constructed in accordance with ISO9001 standards to offer more convenient operation. It provides a simple plug-and-play solution at an affordable price. With robust design, it operates smoothly even in the hostile environment like the temperature reaching 55℃. In addition, our product can effectively avoid costly downtime and production delays by offering clean and dry air. Moreover, it can be easily installed and maintained, requiring minimal on-site assembling work. What's more, our tank mounted rotary screw compressor has been certified for world-wide utilization, and the modified voltage service is provided to ensure power conformity.

Features of Tank Mounted Rotary Screw Compressor
1. The high grade GHH double screw is employed to ensure the prominent performance.
2. With the fully enclosed design like the attractive enclosure, the ambient machine sounds are controlled below 68db, thus having greatly reduced the noise generation.
3. The combination of multi-function electronic controller and LED display ensures easy operation.
4. With CE and ISO9001 approval, the compressor features dependable stability and superior functions. In addition, approximately 80% of the spare parts are of world famous brand.

Our Screw Air Ends our German design GHH Rand

All of our compressors are lined with Convoluted foam Insulation
Top and Side Ventilation
PLC Controls
Air inlet filter and intake valve automatic capacity control: load/unload
High efficiency TEFC electric motor   
Low Voltage starting, Soft Start   
CE/TUV Certified    UL Components    ASME

Microprocessor Display information: exhaust pressure, Temperature, running time, motor Current, state of    load/unload, Use and replacement time for lubricant, Air Filter, Oil Filter, and Oil separator, Malfunction information inquiry

Protection- Automatic Shutdown@ high Temperature, High Pressure, Low Oil, missing Phase, wrong rotation and motor overload, Emergency Shutdown button

Integrated Oil Separation system with minimum pressure valve, thermostatic valve, safety valve

Big air/oil after cooler can be used in high temperature environment.
Dual filtration Synthesized lubricant, long life





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  TC1080   TC15132   TC20132  


HP 10   15   20    
KW 7.5   11   15    
CFM@115PSI 39   56   81  


LxWxH 73x29x61   76x33x73   76x33x73  


Weight /LBS 850   900   925  







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