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Tower Compressor is proud to team with ISEL Inc. to supply Industry leading Lubricants for your compressor.


Another way to extend the life and efficiency of your equipment is to use synthetic compressor fluids. Synthetic compressor fluids deliver superior lubricating performance compared to natural mineral oil-based formulas. They minimize wear caused by friction and facilitate the smooth operation of the machinery. Synthetic fluids also last significantly longer, so you can extend your change intervals and save time and money on maintenance efforts.  Using synthetic compressor fluids will not only slow the rate at which your compressor wears down, but also reduce the amount of resources spent on regular maintenance

We carry a variety of Synthetic, partial synthetic and conventional lubricants.

Formulated to exceed the performance level and oil life of most compresor fluids on the market, ISELS's premium air compressor lubricants use the highest base fluids and additives to create a product line that perfectly matches your requirements and expectations.


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