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Tower Compressor has the best quality Rotary Screw Air compressors and Refrigerated Dryers, and accessories.  Our Compressors are ideal for auto service shops, body shops, Machine Shops, and custom manufacturers.  All our Compressors, Air Dryers, and accessories sell at very affordable prices and come with our product warranty.

Tower Compressor strives to bring you the best in quality, technology, customer service. We have quality Compressors , Dryers, and accessories priced to sell and built to last!


Tower Classic TC Series


        Our products are unique in the Industry. We always  have the end user in mind.

In our design, we always consider maintenance, installation, and ease of use.
Our Rotary Screw compressors are designed to be user friendly, durable and reliable.

Our Systems are some of the quietest on the market. 

Our integrated Rotary Screw Compressor Systems trap more moisture and provide dry air to your machines and tools

We also carry a wide selection of Refrigerated Air Dryers, and accessories.

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Tower Compressor has developed strong yet low maintenance rotary screw air compressors and refrigerated dryers making them one of the leading names in air compressors and refrigerated dryer technology. The company offers a wide-range of rotary screw air compressors and refrigerated dryers for different industries


Tower’s rotary screw compressors and refrigerated dryers are all made with quality components that are guaranteed and come with parts and services support.

Tower Compressor carries an inventory of rotary screw compressors spare parts as well as parts/components for refrigerated dryers. The company is able to service and provide parts for your Tower rotary screw air compressors and refrigerated dryers in no time therefore saving you the hassle of waiting for repairs and parts replacement and doing minimal disruption to your business.

Tower Compressor will take care of all your rotary screw air compressors and refrigerated dryers requirements for your business.

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Customers in the New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island,  and the New England Area, Please visit : www.towercompressoreast.com





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